Private Investigations

GSI-imageExposing your cheating spouse, revealing the culprit of employee theft or uncovering business fraud often requires the care and attention of a licensed private investigator. Whatever the situation, the experienced private investigation team at Grand Slam Investigations knows how to find the information you need quickly and legally.


A busy schedule often prevents those suspicious of a spouse’s activities to follow them everywhere. Our surveillance services helps you keep tabs on your spouse or anyone else while you focus on your tasks for the day.


Concerned that an individual or a business cheated you and ran, money in hand? We use the latest tools and technology to identify business fraud and track down the guilty party.


Our investigation team works closely with victims of employee theft to find the culprit and build a case against them. We also provide thorough investigation services for clients seeking worker’s compensation and criminal defense.


Child custody cases prove extremely challenging, combining children and the law with heightened emotions. When you need to end a child custody case in your favor, call our compassionate investigation team — we know the right questions to ask to get the information you need.


Laws concerning the limits of investigation prove complicated at times, and individuals who seek information on their own may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Our honest and detailed private investigators know the law inside and out, adhering to all legislation and guidelines while on the job.


For more information about hiring a private investigator from Grand Slam Investigations, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.359.1555.