Drug & Alcohol Testing

Whether for pre-employment, court ordered, reasonable suspicion or by parents for their children — drug testing works as a strong solution for a variety of issues.


Grand Slam Investigations can assist you with all of your drug testing needs. We work with both DOT-regulated and non-regulated businesses, health care agencies, non-profits, athletics associations and even parents.


For many businesses, workplace drug testing remains standard to reduce liability, increase productivity and keep drugs users out of the workplace. To help employers get the information they need to make smart decisions, we offer programs and support for pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug testing and drug-free workplace programs.

Did you know that:

  • 75% of all drug abusers over the age of 18 are employed
  • 80% of them steal from their employers
  • 65% of all work related accidents are due to their drug use


You must not assume the employees in your organization are immune to the problem of drug and alcohol abuse. Grand Slam Investigations will help you implement a drug-testing program in your workplace or in your home. We even offer a wide range of drug testing products that can be purchased online through our website. Click here to see our drug testing products.

We offer a comprehensive range of drug testing services, including:

  • DNA Testing
  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • Steroid testing
  • Workplace drug testing
  • Home Drug Testing
  • Drug Testing Products


DNA Testing | Paternity Tests

Grand Slam Investigations offers DNA testing and paternity tests that are fast, easy-to-use, completely confidential and greater than 99.99% accurate. Our DNA testing and paternity test partner provides paternity tests for thousands of customers, and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing.


Learn more about DNA testing here.


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Hair Follicle Testing

Hair Follicle Testing still remains one of the best ways for employers or parents to determine if someone has been using drugs — offering an in depth assessment going back up to 90 days. Hair testing involves a simple specimen collection and provides highly accurate results that meet the same reference standards as urine testing.


Learn more about hair follicle testing here.


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Steroid testing

Grand Slam Investigations offers a comprehensive and affordable steroid panel. Our steroid testing program remains ideal for semi-professional and amateur sports organizations, colleges, universities, and high schools. The comprehensive laboratory test detects full list of prescription androgenic anabolic steroids, pro-hormones, designer anabolic steroids, essential masking and anti-estrogen agents.


Learn more about steroid testing here.


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Workplace drug testing

Business owners in the United States report over $100 billion in losses per year due to substance abuse in the workplace.


Grand Slam Investigations provides laboratory and instant on-site drug tests to business owners who value implementing a workplace drug testing program. Our professional drug screening experts provide clients with all of the necessary paperwork and local laboratory locations to send their employees — with over 4,000 laboratories nationwide — for follow-up drug testing.


Learn more about workplace drug testing here.


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Home Drug Testing

Teen drug testing can be ordered by parents who suspect their kids are using drugs or who wish to use the tests as a preventative measure. Our home drug testing kit is easy to use by parents in the home with instant results.


Learn more about home drug testing here.


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Drug Testing Products

Grand Slam investigations offers both employers, organizations and individuals a wide range of professional certified testing and screening products for purchase on our website. Whether you are looking for adulteration tests, drug tests, cup tests, dips tests, nicotine test, pipette tests, saliva tests or any of the supplies for these tests — you can find them here.


Find professional and affordable testing products and supplies here.


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For more information about drug and alcohol testing from Grand Slam Investigations, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.359.1555.