5 Benefits of Background Checks

5 Benefits of Background Checks

What you don’t know might actually hurt you — whether it’s physically, emotionally or financially. That’s why thousands of people invest in some type of background check each year.

Used for both personal and professional reasons, background checks help people obtain crucial information about a person and cover a wide range of topics. These can include anything from a person’s criminal and driving history to their credit, employment and more.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to get to know someone, but not everyone has the time to do so. Whether you’re a business owner looking to fill a position quickly or someone wanting to pursue love, people across the globe are discovering each day the benefits background checks have to offer. 

Check out these five benefits of background checks:

  1. Hire Better Candidates: Violence and theft are more common in the workplace than you may think. By conducting a thorough background check on prospective hires, you can help to minimize the chance of hiring a bad employee by weeding out those with a criminal history as well as uncovering any lies they may have on their resume. Because of this, over 95% of employers conduct criminal background checks when searching for potential employees.
  2. Reduce Employee Turnover: How many times have you invested time and money into a new employee, only to have them leave a few months later? With a background check, you have a better chance of finding reliable employees that have a better chance of sticking with your company long term.
  3. Improve Workplace Safety: Safety is important in any industry and it begins with the people you hire. In addition to providing thorough details on an applicant’s criminal history, many background checks offer a more comprehensive screening. These will provide in-depth insight on your candidates while flagging any applicants who may pose a threat to you or your employees.
  4. Protect Your Brand: Your overall brand relies greatly on the type of people you hire. If you frequently employ people who steal, lie or cause other forms of trouble, your company’s reputation could suffer. A reliable background check can help you make sure potential employees are not only qualified for the position, but have values that are in line with your company.
  5. Personal Use: Background checks can be used for more than just business. In fact, 18% of people use background checks as a way to look into the people they are dating. With online dating’s growth in popularity, investing in an accurate background check could help uncover criminal records of abuse, scams and more. In addition to providing a proactive approach to online dating, many people utilize background checks prior to making big moves in their careers or living situations.

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