Integrity & Aptitude Tests

GSI-imageWhile Fortune 500 companies and professional sports leagues routinely use Integrity testing and aptitude assessments to insulate and protect their brands — smaller businesses rarely took advantage of these proven methods. Fortunately, these options are now affordable and readily available for businesses of all sizes.


Integrity testing involves a series of questions asking individuals to select from options or provide a written description of their personal use in the past, regarding issues such as use of drugs or alcohol on the job, theft from employers, general attitude toward employers.


The administration of a well designed assessment can be accomplished quickly, usually in about 20 minutes — with validated result then provided instantaneously.


It is now possible to affordable utilize utilize the same tools that multi-million dollar corporations and major professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS use to evaluate new personnel — at a cost you can afford. Your investment cost in hiring individuals is just as important as theirs. Be assured that the potential hiring hazards of lying, cheating, embezzlement, harassment and corporate espionage are far more costly than our 20 minute Online Integrity Assessment and as a free bonus to your organization, our comprehensive Aptitude Assessments.


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