Not All Drug Tests Are Alike

Not All Drug Tests Are Alike

Whether used to monitor employees or to keep your teenager in line, drug tests provide important information designed to help you make informed decisions.. However, not all drug tests are alike, rug as they are available in many forms, from do-it-yourself kits to specimen collection with laboratory diagnostics.

Each test serves a specific purpose. To decide what type of drug test will work best for, consider the reason it’s needed and how it will be conducted. Drug tests offer safe, confidential and accurate results.

We administer a variety of drug tests, including:

  • DNA & Paternity Testing: Paternity testing proves who the biological mother and father are. DNA testing examines the A-T and G-C bases held together by hydrogen bonds. Looking at these bases illustrates certain physical characteristics and body functions about the person they were collected from. DNA is collected through cheek swabs, spit samples and more.
  • Hair Follicle Testing: Hair follicle testing is a form of drug detection. A sample of hair tells if that individual has used drugs within the last 90 days. Dying, cutting or otherwise damaging your hair does not diminish the results of the sample. A negative result comes 24 hours after the testing, while a positive result takes 72 hours to come back as 100% reliable.
  • Steroid Testing: The most commonly administered testing for steroids occurs through urine testing. Main forms of steroid testing look for the levels of testosterone found in the sample. If the testosterone levels produced in the sample are more than four times the amount of epitestosterone,a similar hormone to testosterone, the test is considered failed.

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