Subtle Signs of Drug Use

Subtle Signs of Drug Use

When it comes to drug use in the workplace or at home, identifying the subtle signs early quickly becomes essential.

Long-term drug usage cripples the individual mentally and physically, and in many cases the effects prove irreversible. Fortunately, the short-term side effects of drugs often provide subtle clues to those who pay attention, helping concerned supervisors, parents and co-workers get the drug user treatment more quickly.

Many notable physical clues of drug use exist. Some of the most common symptoms include bloodshot or glazed eyes, abrupt weight changes, dental problems and dilated or constricted pupils. If the individual in question uses drugs via injection, bruises, infections and other physical marks often appear on and around the entry site.

The clearest indicators of drug use in an individual often involve personality and behavioral changes. Common signs in the workplace often include increased tardiness or absence, inconsistent periods of increased and decreased work performance and frequent small accidents with minor injuries or broken objects.

Personality and behavioral signs show up beyond the workplace, and often indicate a more serious addiction to a drug. These clues include a sudden lack of concern over appearance and hygiene, paranoia or overreaction to small corrections or advice, common tasks seem more difficult and unusual physical behaviors including a change in gait or wearing long sleeves on hot days.

Though these clues help to raise suspicions, they prove nothing on their own. If you see a coworker or loved one exhibiting one or more of these signs, try to get them to take a drug test. This confirms beyond a reasonable doubt if the individual uses drugs, helping you take further steps to get them on the path to recovery.

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