Is Your Spouse Cheating?

Is Your Spouse Cheating?

When you begin to wonder if your spouse is cheating on you, the worry and conflict you feel often causes crippling anxiety. It scares everybody to think a loved one lies to us and lives a double life. Though you sincerely want to trust them, the nagging thoughts persist and eventually you need to know the truth.

Your suspicions that your spouse is cheating represent the first tell-tale sign of adultery. Growing doubts about your spouse’s honesty suggests you noticed other signs, whether consciously or semi-consciously. Reflecting on why your suspicions rose in the first place often leads to more concrete signs that your spouse is cheating.

Pay attention if your spouse suddenly starts keeping digital information a secret from you, especially if they freely shared that information with you previously.  Examples of this behavior includes changing passwords on electronics and online accounts, hiding pop-up notifications on their cell phone, and deleting their browsing history and emptying their trash folders among other things. Your spouse often becomes more attached to their cell phone and social media accounts when cheating, as they provide a semi-covert means of communication with a potential lover.

Another red flag involves your spouse finding more reasons to stay away from home and out of your sight. Picking up new hobbies or activities that take your spouse away from home such as jogging, poker or frequent late nights at work point to a potential cheating situation. Pay extra attention if these activities are oddly lengthy or often end late at night. These excuses prove extremely varied and unique most of the time and therefore difficult to pin down, but amount to mere cover-up stories in the end.

Finally, your spouse may suddenly start buying you gifts for seemingly no major reason. In this situation, your spouse feels guilty for cheating on you, and hopes to make up for his deceit by giving you gifts.

So what can you do? You have your suspicions, but having little to no concrete evidence makes getting your spouse to confess a challenge, and finding the time to gather evidence yourself takes time and effort away from you. Instead, utilize our private investigation services – we give you a way to get the information you need to find closure without overstressing yourself in the process.

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